Barge Inn, Honeystreet

The Barge Inn is facing an uncertain future and is currently closed and up for sale. A new group, The Barge Cooperative, is investigating whether it might be possible to raise funds to buy the freehold.  At the most recent meeting of the Parish Council  members of the Cooperative stressed that they would like local residents to be kept informed and involved. The Parish Council welcomed this offer but also stressed that the PC itself could not and would not be involved in any bid.

The Barge Cooperative has requested that this letter to everyone to be posted on this website. 

While the website is happy to offer publicity to local enterprises, it must be stressed that the Parish Council itself is not involved in this project in any way.

Dear Villagers,

After six months hard work, our share offer is now live on Crowdfunder and ready to receive your pledges for investment.  This is hugely exciting for us and we hope for you too as the local community. 

When you click on the link below, you will see our motivations explained, who we are, the rules of our community benefit society, The Barge Inn Alliance Ltd, our business plan and FAQs. 

In the business plan you will be able to read about all our plans to ensure that the Barge Inn truly is a community hub that includes everyone.  If you have any further suggestions, please, please let us know. 

Investment begins at £250 up to a limit of £100,000 with any combination in between.    

The steering group have worked long and hard on this project and have been overwhelmed and hugely heartened by the support and encouragement from not only the local community but also from the many people who have contacted us from further afield, those who have loved coming here over the years and know how special the place is. 

From the very beginning of our campaign, we have committed ourselves to complete transparency.  Our one member, one vote policy means that once you have invested, you have equal membership of our community regardless of amount.  You will be invited to take part in meetings, volunteer and above all, ENJOY YOURSELVES back at the Barge Inn once more. 

Your support so far has been invaluable.  Let's all look forward to a very bright future,


Warmest Wishes and if you have any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us,


The Barge Inn Alliance Ltd - Nel, Sarah, Sharyn and Andy.